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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: Do you accept vouchers?  
We currently have Rental Assistance available through USDA Rural Development, therefore we are unable to also use a Voucher to supplement your rent.

FAQ #2: Are we able to do a tour of a vacant unit?  
Yes, if we have one available.

FAQ #3: Do you accept Social Security as income?  
Social Security is paid directly to you and you are responsible for your portion of rent.

FAQ #4: Do you have 1, 2 or 3 bedroom units?  
We have 1 and 2 bedroom units.

FAQ #5: What is the square footage of the units? 
Our 1 bedroom units are 700 square feet and our 2 bedroom units are 846 square feet.

FAQ #6: Do you allow pets?
Yes. Contact the leasing office for full details.

FAQ #7: What are your income requirements?
These change annually based on the Area Median Income. Contact the leasing office for full details.